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We are a leading supplier and exporter of coconut. Coconut is very nutritious and high in fiber as well as vitamins and minerals. From our trusted suppliers and customers all over the world, to provide them with the most reasonable price to get these coconuts

Our Coconut's Speciality
  • Pollachi Coconut: Good Quality and Taste
  • 50 - 60 Days Crops: Good Matured Coconut
  • 20 - 30 Days Dry Coconut: Transitable in dry container
  • 3 Months Life Span: Stock and Sell
  • 13 Inch Coconut: More Flesh and Water

Our Products
  • Semi Husked Coconut
  • Husked Coconut
  • Dehusked Coconut

Technical Specififcation
Product Coconut
Style Fresh
Husk Type Husked, Semi Husked, Dehusked
Variety Matured
Color Brown
Size 13 - 14 Inch
Weight 550 - 700 gms
Origin Pollachi, Tamilnadu, India
Package Polypropylene Bag
Bag 25 Coconut

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Coconut Shell

Shell Charcoal, Shell Based activated Carbon, Shell Powder, Shell Handicrafts, Shell Ice Cream Cups and Bear Glasses, Ladles, Forks, Show Pieces, Shell Buttons, etc. are the shell based products available in the country.

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