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Coco Peat 25Kg Block

This is a 100% natural growing medium, which is the ideal substitute for peatmoss which are offered in bulk packs of4 cu.ft. This can be used in many applications such as farms, green houses, horticulture, hydro seed spraying, landscaping, seed germination and as a substitute for potting soil., bark compost. This can also be used in golf course setting for soil conditioner and in mushroom industry as a casing medium.

Technical Specififcation
Block Dimension 30cm x 47cm x 85cm
Weight 24 Kg Approx
Moisture 35% >
Compression Ratio 1:2
E.C Adjustable
Breakup Volume 220 ltrs(without adding water)
Hydrated Volume 300 Liters
Packing In Printed or unprinted Poly Bags
Loadability in a 40 HC 600 Bags floor loaded.

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Coco Peat

Coir Pith is extracted from coconut husks as a by-product while extracting coir fibre. The process involves collecting coir pith, washing, moisture reduction, drying , sieving, compacting & packing.

Coir pith is an ideal soil re-conditioner, soil structure improver and soil substrate with excellent water holding capacity. This can be converted into organic manure using biotechnology, making it as a perfect organic growing medium for fruits such as strawberry, vegetables such as pepper, cucumber, tomato, and flowers such as gerbera, gladiol, lily, anthurium and rose.

A wide variety of Coir pith products such as Coir pith grow bag, Coir pith bale, Coir pith Briquettes & Coco chips are ideal for gardening and horticultural needs.

Benefits of Cocopeat
  • Contains macronutrients — Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium
  • Contains micronutrients — Calcium, Copper and magnesium
  • Contains natural enzymes
  • Excellent water holding capacity
  • Lightens and aerates too heavy soils
  • Enhances strong heap root system
  • Stimulates production of phytohormones
  • Ideal pH level — 5.6 to 6.4
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Reusable

Appplications of Cocopeat
  • As a potting mix
  • For mushroom growers
  • As a soil supplement & Prevents regular watering
  • For generating seeds
  • For tissue cultured plan
  • Home gardens, Terrace gardens, Lawns, Nurseries, planting sport fields and golf courses as well as in Horticulture and Floriculture.

Technical Specififcation

Exempt from weeds, disease-bearing germs and harmful chemical substance.

Block Dimension 30cm x 30cm x 11cm
Weight 5 Kgs(~2%)
Moisture 10 - 15%
Compression Ratio 5:1
E.C Low(<0.6), High(>1.5)
Dehydrated Yield 75 Liters
Packing Palletized, Non-Palletized, Polybag, Floor loading

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Grow Bags

Coir pith grow bags are manufactured by blending Coir pith with adequate quantity of short Coir fibre. This is then compressed and packed loosely in a UV stabilized Black and White Polythene bag. At the user end suitable holes are to be cut for planting as well for drainage. Coir pith grow bags enable you to enjoy delicious crop such as tomatoes, strawberries and cucumbers. The bags are ready to use as planting containers. Simply transplant plants into the Coir pith grow bags during the planting season.

Applications of Growbags
  • Ready to grow Expandable bags for Professional growing
  • Easy to handle and reconstitute (Medium Compression Ratio)
  • Better control on irrigation
  • Different sizes/volume, material structure possible

Technical Specifications

Custom size also available based on client requirements.

Size(CM) Volume(Lit) No.of Bags /40 ft HC Used for Growing
100 x 18 x 16 28.8 7400 Tomatoes, Capsicum
100 x 20 x 15 30 7300 Roses, Carnation
100 x 20 x 20 20 9500 Strawberries
100 x 20 x 8 16 10500 Lettuce
100 x 20 x 12 24 8000 Paprika

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Coir Fiber

Coir fibre, obtained from the tissues surrounding the seed of the coconut palm, is one of the few natural fibres that are strong, highly durable and water-proof. Coir fibre has the ability to stretch beyond its elastic limit without rupturing. Its resistance to microbial degradation and salt water and the power to take up a permanent stretch is unique.

Coir fibre is obtained from fully ripe coconut husks by wet or dry milling. The process involves soaking brown coconut husks up to one month in fresh water, and combing on a pair of rotating spiked drums. Dirt and other rubbish are removed from the Brown coir fibre and then dried and packed into bales.

Coir Fiber Applications
  • Filling mattresses
  • Upholstery
  • Drainage filters with perforated pipes.
  • Floor mats, doormats, brushes, etc.

Technical Specifications
Weight 100-125 Kg/bale
Color Brown, Golden Brown
Moisture Upto 15%
Impurity Upto 2-3%
Packaging It is baled using plastic straps
Loadability 20 tons in 1x40' container

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Husk Chips

Coco chips are made by cutting coconut husk into cube shaped pieces. They are highly recommended for the germination of high value cash crops. Most orchid and cut-flower growers are using coco husk chips as an advanced alternative to bark based growing medium. Coco chips are also used as a mulching agent as well as a soil conditioner.

Benefits of Coco Husk Chips
  • Beneficial microbes for plant growth
  • Bio-degradable
  • Allows efficient transfer of soil nutrients to roots
  • Enhanced root penetration

Applications of Coco Husk Chips
  • Prepared from the whole Husk
  • Low Water Holding
  • Alternative to Wood bark
  • Ideal for growing Orchids, Anthurium and Pot plants
  • Can be blended with Cocopeat or Peat moss to increase the AFP(Air Filled Porosity)

Technical Specifications

These are offered in various sizes and packaging options.

Block Dimension 30cm x 30cm x13cm
Weight 4 Kgs(~2%)
Moisture 10 - 15%
Compression Ratio 5:1
E.C Low(<0.6), High(>1.5)
Packing Palletized, Non-Palletized, Polybag

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