100% natural growing medium

Coir pith is an ideal soil re-conditioner, soil structure improver and soil substrate with excellent water holding capacity. This can be converted into organic manure using biotechnology, making it as a perfect organic growing medium for fruits such as strawberry, vegetables such as pepper, cucumber, tomato, and flowers such as gerbera, gladiol, lily, anthurium and rose.

Products 25kg Block 5Kg Block
Dimension 30cm x 47cm x 85cm 30cm x 30cm x 11cm
Weight 24kg Approx 5kg (~2%)
Moisture 35% > 10 - 15%
Compression Ratio 1:2 5:1
EC Adjustable Low(<0.6), High(>1.5)
Dehydrated Volume 200 ltrs 75 lts

Grow Bags

UV stabilized Black and White Polythene bag.

Coir Pith Grow bags are manufactured by blending Coir pith with adequate quantity of short Coir fibre. This is then compressed and packed loosely in a UV stabilized Black and White Polythene bag. At the user end suitable holes are to be cut for planting as well for drainage. Coir pith grow bags enable you to enjoy delicious crop such as tomatoes, strawberries and cucumbers. The bags are ready to use as planting containers. Simply transplant plants into the Coir pith grow bags during the planting season.

Size(CM) Volume(Litr) No.of bags/40ft HC Used for
100 x 18 x 1628.8 28.8 7400 Tomatoes, Capsicum
100 x 20 x 15 30 7300 Roses, Carnation
100 x 20 x 20 20 9500 Strawberries
100 x 20 x 8 16 10500 Lettuce
100 x 20 x 12 24 8000 Paprika

Coir Fiber

Highly Durable

Coir fibre, obtained from the tissues surrounding the seed of the coconut palm, is one of the few natural fibres that are strong, highly durable and water-proof. Coir fibre has the ability to stretch beyond its elastic limit without rupturing. Its resistance to microbial degradation and salt water and the power to take up a permanent stretch is unique.

Weight 100-125 Kg/bale
Color Brown and Goldeen Brown
Moisture Upto 15% >
Impurity Upto 2-3%
Packaging It is baled using plastic straps
Loadability 20 tons in 1x40' container

SKM Coir India

Member of Coir Board, India.

We are one of the leading Manufacturer and exporter of quality assortment of products such as Coco Peat (Coir Pith), Coir Fibre and Grow bags. SKM Coir Products was established in the year 2009 and has created a distinct position in the market by offering superior quality array of products.

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Organic Certified

Organic certification is a certification process for producers of organic food and other organic agricultural products.

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